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 Notes On What Koran REALLY Teaches And What Muslims REALLY Believe!
Historic Speeches Important To Our Liberty - | - Text, Historic Documents of American Freedom
Senate Could Destroy The
First Amendment Soon
Three Lesbians And A Baby -
The New America
Warriors Left Behind In
A Nation Undeserving
Liberal Reporter Attacks Child
For Getting Good Grades)
Despite Company Help, Volkswagen Workers
Deliver ‘Devastating Defeat' To UAW
GOP Reps Grill Boehner
On Amnesty
Muslims Demanding Their Own
Sharia Patrols In Michigan
‘Spoiled Brat' Indicates: Entitlements Going Wild In Our Society
GOP Tells Church To Go
To Hell (Sort Of)
We Respect Individuals Right To Express Beliefs; Cracker
Barrel Apologizes, Returns Duck Dynasty Items To Stores
Rush: War On Men Destroying
American Culture
Famous Actor Reveals Real Name And Gives
Insightful Speech On ‘Hard Work' & Generosity
A&E Death Threats – Wal-Mart Sells Out of Duck Dynasty Gear –
GLAAD Experiences Record Backlash
Obama Family Christmas Card: No
Mention Of Christ Or Christmas
Duck, Duck, Noose What's Wrong With America's Kids?
Compare Christmas (1913) & Now (2013)
What Difference
Does It Make?
See What The Radicals
Expect You To Forget!
The Left's Responsibility For
The Real War On Women
The Left's Mythical War On Women–
Much Bigger Than Rush
If A Leftists Shoots Up A School In The Woods,
Does The Media Make Any Noise?
The Left Loses Its Mind When A Duck
Hunter Speaks The Truth
Colin Powell = Just Another
Economic Illiterate Idiot!!!!
Affluenza: The New Excuse For Rich
Kids Who Kill Innocent People
Deadly Truth Behind
'Knockout Game
Joy To Your World 23% Name Pope Francis Most
Influential, 21% Say Obama
 Hey, PETA: Jesus Was A Fish & Meat Eater & I'd Rather Listen To Him Than You "Sabotage" Is Liberal Code For Popular
Resistance To Oppression
Lt. Col. Oliver North Loves Jesus Putting The "Christ" In Christmas (Everyday) We Live In A World Of Lies
Hang One, To Encourage The Others Man's Home Is Not His Castle: Shooting
Threatening Intruder Treated As Murder
Sowell: The War Against Achievement
Indeed There Is A
War On Women
Sloth: Evil Loves Laziness Barack Obama: Still Not Paying
Women As Much As Men?
The Devil In The Headlines,
And The World. Literally
 Why Is National Review Trashing American Betrayal, Dismissing
Bukovsky, Whitewashing Hiss And Glorifying FDR?
Cultural Alert! The Disappearance Of
Heroes – Perception Or Reality?
Liberals: Haters, Homophobes And
Hypocrites!In Their Own Words!
Unholy Trinity: Islam, The Left,
& the Willfully Ignorant
 Mary Matalin To GOP: Stop Tearing Down Tea Party
Fallen Soldier On
My Delta Flight
And Now For Something Completely
Different: Good News!
Say It Or Go Hungry!
Radical Leftists vs. Decent Folks:
Will There Be Blood?
Election Integrity Activists: Obamacare 'Biggest
Voter Registration Fraud Scheme in History'
The Cruz-ing, Lee-ing and Palin-ing
Of Ken Cuccinelli
 Key To Understanding Liberals:
What Makes Them Tick
 Love It! Yale Study Finds Tea Partiers Know More About
Science Than Liberals, Researcher Shocked . . .
 Crew Members: ‘Captain
Phillips' Is One Big Lie
 Congress Is Full Of Crooks Because
Our Pulpits Are Full Of Cowards!
 President Obama Treated
Worse Than A Child
 Pro-Abortion Cult Indoctrinates
Their Next Generation
 Does AARP Still Want Your Guns? -
American Rifleman (Yes! - JHD)
 Left's New Crusade:
Adult-Kid Sex
 Matthew Shepard's Murder: You
Can't Handle Truth
 Racists And Extremists And
Teabaggers – Oh My!
 Gov. Walker Ignores Washington
Order To Close Parks
 (Outrageous! - jhd) Pilot 'Diverts United Airlines Flights And Kicks Family Off' After Parents
Complained About Their Small Sons Seeing Violent PG-13 Inflight Movie - Daily Mail UK
 10 Facts For Liberals: Why Gun Control Can't
Stop Another Newtown Massacre - Townhall
  The School Obama's Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed
Guards (Not Counting Secret Service) - Breitbart
 Stealth Jihad - Network TV Show Portraying As 'All-American' . . . 'Danger
In The Obfuscation Of The Truth' - WND
 "Religion, Morality, And Property"
Hillsdale College Video
 Demography Is Destiny -
Human Events
 Christian Cop Punished Over Beliefs; 'Creeping
Shariah' Hits American Heartland - WND
 Another Obamacare Tax Now
In Effect - Political Outcast
  USDA Food Stamp Bullying Confirms
Obama’s Dependency Agenda - CFIF
 What Same-sex "Marriage" Has Done To Massachusetts
Article That Is Waking Up America. Most People Don't Know What Really Happens
 Huma's Infiltration Into State Department - Farah Traces Clinton
Aide's Ties To Group Pushing For Islamic America - WND
 Facts About Obamacare!  Communist Obama Wants 'One World Government' - Gordon Bishop
 A Terrible, No Good, Awful Night for Barack Obama - Redstate  Current News From Tea Party Group
 Petty, Anti-gun Antics From Ohio Democrat Party And Allies - Human Events
 Quotes Of Provocation, Compiled By Joseph Harris!  About Lies And Liars - Very Funny!
 Obama Documents – UFOs, Bigfoot And The Link That Is Not Missing - Michael Bresciani
Quote Of The Decade!
From Chech Republic
 The FREE Haircut
Too True To Laugh
 What Is An Infidel?
Christian Minister vs Imam!
Did You Notice Who Was
Threatened By Obama?
 Purported Note Sent
To Carbonite
 Sounds Like A Good Plan
For The United States!
Cost To Operate A Chevy Volt  About Social Networking!  WalMart vs The Morons
Slavery, Terrorism, And Islam  Who Are The Morons?  He Is Historic
(Atheist/Agnostic Because) Sleeping
With Your Girlfriend?
 Teacher's Letter To Obama -
If Nothing Else, Read This!
 You Know You're Living In
South Africa When . . .
 To Retire Our National Debt, We
Must Retire Obama - Townhall
 Obama FULLY Embraces
Death Panels - Redstate
 Right Change - Blog, Defending
Individual Freedoms
 Onward, He Said, Regardless - Townhall  More To Come Soon  Sen. Cornyn On "War On Christmas"
 What Part of 'Party of No' Don't
You Understand? - Ann Coulter
 Steal The Vote: Election Day Fraud
Found All Over U.S. - WND
 Go Arizona Graphic
Pass It On!
 Insect Man and Friends
Refute Evolutionism
 Abstinence Education Works
After All - Townhall
 Our Liberty Is A Gift From God
Based On Bible Principles
 Truth About Islam And Muslims - Roy Dearmore  Short Notes On Books
All Patriots Should Read
 Exposed - The Scientific Impossibility of Evolution - "Nothing Created Everything" - WND
 Some Vital Information You Should Know About “Social Networking”  SCRIPTURE TREE
 Notes About Koran (Suras & Ayats)  Reagan Proclamation on Right to Life  Real Truth About Islam
 Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? - Various Opinions
 Hmmm --- I Wonder?  Letter To President On Illegal Aliens  Selected Abortion Quotes
 George Washington on Perjury  Gun Control and Freedom - 1  Gun Control and Freedom - 2
 The Modern Paradox  How Should We Then Vote?  The Atheist Professor
 Post Abortion Anguish  Mohammed vs Christ Comparison  Doe vs. Bolton
 Ballad of the Unborn  Plight of the Silent  Letter From the Future
 Ant and the Grasshopper  Gun Control Article  Lying "Statistics" About Guns
 When I Think of Veterans  This Says It All  How to Be a Good Liberal
 Back to Basics in Government  Our Institutions Are Christian  Justice? The Way Things Are
 Freedom Is NEVER Free  Separation of Church & State  Once to Every Man and Nation
 God And Country?  Sermon on the Mount Today  Ten Most Harmful Books
 "Click" To Go To Our Gospel Web Site  Answer to "Gun Controllers"  Marine Died in Kuwait
 Bill (Slick Willie) Clinton Psalm  Foxes Book of Martyrs  I. M. Haldeman On Modernism
 A Nightmare Beyond Imagining  Columbine Testimony  Harvard Loses to Stanford
Tell Elected Officials And Agents - Federal, State, County or Local - They MUST OBEY Constitution And Laws ALWAYS!
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Gun Control Ignoramuses
Short quote from article by Ed Evans, MGySgt., USMC (Ret.) (Not as lean, Not as mean, But still a Marine) About A Terrorist Incident in October, 2002. "It really is TIME WE TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. We need TO REFUSE to go watch multi-millionaires play football and baseball, complaining all the way that they don't get what they deserve.

"We need to REFUSE TO PAD THE POCKETBOOKS OF OVERPAID, UNDER-TALENTED MOVIE STARS who have confused celebrityship with wisdom. We need to REFUSE TO PANDER to an out-of-control news media that believes it is in control and knows better than the American people.

"WE REALLY NEED TO BE AMERICANS AGAIN, full of hope for the future and in control of our destiny. The world needs us to be Americans. For everyone else, I REPEAT: "Delta's ready when you are (referring to airline and those who threatened to leave USA)."
"I agree with you, that in Politicks the Middle Way is none at all. If We finally fail in this great and glorious Contest, it will be by
bewildering ourselves in groping after this middle Way."
-- Adams to Horatio Gates, 23 March 1776, Papers of John Adams, 4:59.

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