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"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." - Thomas Jefferson
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Home Not His Castle: Shooting
Intruder Now Treated As Murder
Dad Arrested For Objecting
When School Says He Must Wait
About Dems: Re-election Woes Are
Only Concern From Obamacare Fail
Officer Sentenced To 20 Years
For Doing Duty In Afghanistan
The Government Shutdown
Was A Scam
63 Cops Suspended Over Deadly
Chase In Cleveland
Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) Leaves Americans
At The Mercy Of Obama's EPA
More To Come Government By Demand
Palin Opposes Syria Intervention:
‘Let Allah Sort Syria Out'
House And Senate Bills Would
Block Military Aid To Syria
'Let's Roll 2013' To Stage Nationwide
Protests On Constitution Day
America in 2030 - Scenario #1 - Submission
America in 2030 - Scenario #2 - Rebellion
America in 2030 - Scenario #3 - Restoration
DHS Loses Track Of 1 Million Aliens;
Report Could Hurt Immigration Deal
Rush: Modern Liberalism
Is A Series Of Lies
State Department Bureau Spent
$630,000 On Facebook 'Likes'
Political Correctness Can Have ‘Ugly
Consequences,' Says AMAC
It's Official, Everyone Is A Terrorist
According To US Government
Journalist To Newsmax: 'Obamaphone'
Program Filled With Abuse
EPA: Constantly Leaping
Before It Looks!
Coulter: Avoid the Need For Spying
Using One Not-So-Weird Trick
Repeal, Do Not Expand
The Ethanol Mandate
The EPA's Conservative Problem (I) The EPA's Conservative Problem (II) EPA Is The Underreported Scandal
CBO: Uninsured Under Obamacare
Never Falls Below 30 Million
Gingrich: Obama Terror Speech
'Breathtakingly Naive'
Obama Names Susan Rice National
Security Adviser Despite Benghazi
Obama To Spend $700 Million In US Tax Dollars
For Russian Helicopters For Afghan Air Force
Obama's Crown Versus
Washington's Cross
Crisis In Exceptionalism
Mindless "Green" Indoctrination
Of Children
Democrat Senator Blames
Tornado On Republicans
Democrat Unknowingly Revealed Scope
Of Obama’s Spying Database
As Islamic Terror Attacks Escalate At Home & Abroad, Obama Says Muslims Are "Fundamental Part Of American Family"
McCain: 'No Border Is Ever
Going To Be Sealed'
The Disintegrating Presidency GOP Widens Probe of Sebelius
Fundraising for Enroll America
Biblical Patriot Editor's Open Letter To Senator John Cornyn - 11/05/12
 Link To SCOTUS Definition Of "What Is A Natural Born Citizen?"
 Go Arizona Graphic - Pass It Around
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 Open Letter To President George W. Bush - 1/8/04
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