DEFINITION: ANY Act By Government Or Agents Contrary To Constitution Or Law IS A CRIME, NOT POLITICS!
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Articles Or Links On Rise And Fall Of USA As World Leader
And American Citizens Loss Of Liberties In The USA
Liberal/Progressive Efforts Toward World Governance And Their Deliberate
Destruction Of Our Personal Freedoms In Favor Of Socialist Tyranny
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"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." - Thomas Jefferson
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Obama Tops 'Corrupt' List For Acting 'As A 1-man Congress' White House Nightmare: Eligibility
Case Still Alive
NY 10-Year-Old Protects Family
With Intruder's Own Gun
Obama, Kerry surrender Syria And
Middle East To Iran
General: Plans Cemented To
End Obama's Reign
Have You Heard Of The "Constitution Free Zone"? No Surprise Here: Man Arrested
For DUI Blows .000?
Obamacare Insures A More
Unhealthy Economy
The President's "Sideshow"
Commands The Center Ring
Radical Leftists vs. Decent Folks:
Will There Be Blood?
Leftist Hate Groups Smear UT Student As "Uncle Tom, Racist"
& Mark Him For Death For Planning Immigration Stunt
Bolton: Obama Pushed Iran Deal
To Prevent Israeli Airstrike
Illegals March Across Classified
Military Base
President For Life: The Push Begins Obamacare's Marriage Penalty
Judge Napolitano: Obama Assaulting Fabric Of Our Nation
By Changing Laws Without Congress’ Approval
A Man's Home Is Not His Castle: Shooting
Threatening Intruder Now Treated As Murder
Malkin: Arne Duncan's War
On Women And Children
DHS Funds Installation Of White Boxes That
Can Track Population Of Entire City
About Time! Prosecutor Who Hid Exculpatory Evidence
Will Go To Prison For Jailing Innocent Man
Obama Secret Service Agent: "It's Worse Than People
Know . . . and I'm Not Trying to Scare You Either"
Red Alert! Moral Decline In Kids Today
And The Parents Who Raise Them
God Judging America: Giving Us Gutless
Leaders And Effeminate Men
Former NSA Codebreaker: I Tried To Tell People About Government Spying
Radical Leftists vs. Decent
Folks: Will There Be Blood?
The Worst Week In American
Political History?
No Surprise Here: Man Arrested
For DUI Blows .000
New York 10-Year-Old Protects
Family With Intruder's Own Gun
ObamaCare Insures A More
Unhealthy Economy
The President's "Sideshow"
Commands The Center Ring
My Recent Disappointing Experience With TSA Bush More Popular Than Obama Facebook Censorship
Community Organizing For Right Wingers
Using Alinsky's Rules Against Them
UN Gun Ban Update 7 Examples Of
Liberal Unfairness
Things I Never Thought Would
Happen In America!
Teen Found Guilty Of Murdering
Baby In Stroller
Congress Should Stop Subsidizing Buffett's
Health Care, Not Increase His Taxes
Hot Mic! Who Was Caught Mocking Ted Cruz
During His Senate Constitution Remarks?
The Right To Defend The American Dream
… Fighting For The SOUL Of America
Examples Of How Political Correctness
Is Destroying America
Protecting Religious Liberty In The Marriage Debate Obama's Getaway Gang – Getting
Away With Everything
(Outstanding!) My Favorite Communist Spy Chief - An
Extraordinary Tale of Evil And Redemption- On WND
Kass: Was Police Killing Of
95-year-old Necessary?
The Term "Hate Crime" Is A Joke -
Crime Is Crime, Period!
J. M. Keynes: An Anti-Semitic
Economic Crackpot
To Avoid Looking Like A Criminal,
Don't Commit A Crime
Atheist Leader Slips, Admits It's A Religion E Pluribus Unum:
The American Value
If It's Not Killing A Baby, Why
The Serious Consideration?
Megyn Kelly and Faux Outrage (BP: Long Live
The Difference(s) Between Men and Women!)
President Obama's View Of
"The Law" Explains A Lot
"Obama Supports Terrorism" – The Egyptian People's Message For America I'd Rather Be A Conservative Nut Job
Than A Liberal With No Nuts, No Job
Liberal's Fear Of "Judgment" Judge Orders Google To Be Evil Demoralizers Of The Faith
As Islamic Terror Attacks Escalate At Home & Abroad, Obama Says Muslims Are "Fundamental Part Of American Family"
 Editor's Open Letter To President George W. Bush - 1/8/04 The Mission Fields
(Very Interesting)
Biblical Patriot Editor's Open Letter To Senator John Cornyn - 11/05/12
Tell Congress And President They Must OBEY Our Constitution & Laws ALWAYS!

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" - President Ronald Reagan
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