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Chicken Thieves: Police Confiscate Poultry
And Destroy Them; No Charges Filed
Cops Plant Drugs In Woman's House, Tamper
With Blood Tests To Justify Illegal Search
Cops Almost Blind Man With Taser To
The Eye During Routine Traffic Stop
Female Fullerton Cop Accused Of Ripping Film Out Of
Witness Camera After Kelly Thomas Beating Death
2 Cops Fired Over Horrific Video Which Shows
Them Beating up Suspect– Then Celebrating!
Why The Feds Chickened
Out On A Nevada Ranch
Attkisson: "Chilling Effect" From
Obama Administration On Journalists
US Senator Joins Critics Of
Federal Cattle Roundup
Sleep Soundly, America: 81-Year-Old
Lady Jailed For Feeding Birds
Homeland Security Exercise Targets "Free
Americans Against Socialist Tyranny"
Jimmy Carter: NSA Spying On Him
Too, Govt. A Threat To The People
Our Uncivil Masters;
NOT Civil Servants!
Crime Of Being Bullied: 15-year-old Special Needs Student Convicted
Of Disorderly Conduct For Recording Evidence Of Bullying
NSA Makes Final Push To Retain
Most Mass Surveillance Powers
What I Learned In Court: Don't
Facilitate Your Own Injustice
No Big Deal: 8-Year-Old
Girls Don't Vote Anyhow
Nevada Governor Calls Federal
Cattle Roundup ‘Intimidation'
At What Point Will People
Scream 'ENOUGH'?
Tom DeLay: Americans Now Live
‘Under A Government Of Tyranny'
Cop On Paid Leave After Allegedly
Executing Restrained, 90-lb, 5'3"
63 Cops Suspended over Deadly
Chase In Cleveland
Sleep Soundly, America: 81-Yr-Old
Lady Jailed For Feeding Birds
OVERKILL: Police Kill 80 Year Old Man In His Own
Bed Over Drugs That Weren't There
Police Execute Homeless Man For "Illegally
Camping" In New Mexico Foothills
Government Bureaucrats
Steal Basketball Hoops
TSA Animation Teaches Kids To Accept
Police State For Their Own "Security"
Have You Heard Of The
"Constitution Free Zone"?
Does 2nd Amendment
Trump 4th Amendment?
A Tyranny That"s Being
Taken Too Lightly
Legal Experts: D.C. Cops
Murdered Woman
Debtors Prison Back In Vogue
North Texas Drivers Stopped At
Roadblock Asked For Saliva, Blood
Gun Owner's Property Stolen By Police
Returned After Federal Lawsuit Settled
DOJ Orders Cancellation Of School
Board Meeting Over Islam Protest
Dad Arrested For Picking
Kids Up At School
Business Owner Jailed For
"Loitering" On His Own Property
Dallas Sheriff’s Deputies Assault Free
Speech Activists, Punch Alex Jones
Charge Dismissed Against Student Who
Refused To Remove NRA Shirt
Democrat Contradiction: Gun Control Fine
But Pro-Life Bill Unconstitutional
Army Officer Sentenced To 20 Years
For Doing His Duty In Afghanistan
Madness: 13 WI Officials Raid Animal Shelter
To Kill Baby Deer Named Giggles
Kass: Was Police Killing Of
95-year-old Necessary?
Biblical Patriot Editor's Open Letter To Senator John Cornyn - 11/05/12
 Link To SCOTUS Definition Of "What Is A Natural Born Citizen?"
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