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Obama And The Obama Legacy
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Legacy Of Destruction For America They Are Building!
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"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." - Thomas Jefferson
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Shoes To Fill
(Great Cartoon Link)
Senate Could Destroy The
First Amendment Soon
CBO : ObamaCare Kills Jobs,
Doesn't Help The Uninsured
Cheney’s Re-Emergence A Nightmare for Obama Barack Obama’s Biggest Lie
Keeping Track: Obamas'
Vacations, Take 2… Or 20!
The Longest 15 Seconds
Of Barack Obama's Life…
GOP Begins To Fight Back Against
Obama's Broad Executive Overreach
America's Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President Seniors Prevented From Getting Health
Care Under ObamaCare: The Details
Have You Saved $2,500 Lately? Single Mom's (Not So) Thank
You Letter To Obama
Barack Obama's Betrayal Of
The Youth Of America
Levin: Obama Has No ‘Constitutional Authority
To Do Half Of What He's Doing'
Obama's Despotic Rule: Montesquieu
Knew This Would Happen
Allen West: Obama ‘Abjectly
Despises' Whites
Obama Vacations Have Cost
You $18 Million — So Far
ObamaCare Signing
Up Illegals
Is Obama Accelerating The
Collapse Of America?
Democrats Plead With Obama To
Abandon Social Security Cut
Obama On Executive Actions: ‘I’ve Got
A Pen And I’ve Got A Phone’
Democrats Save Illegal Alien Tax Credit, Kill
Move To Restore Veterans' Pensions
General: Plans Cemented To
End Obama's Reign
General: Muslim Brotherhood
Inside White House
Five ObamaCare Bombs
Waiting To Explode
These 13 Tax Increases
Hit In 2013
Judge: Obama Homeland Security
Aiding Criminal Conspiracies
Another Lie From Obama? That Falsifies
Entire Rationale Of Obamacare? Really?
White House Nightmare:
Eligibility Case Still Alive
Obama Tops 'Corrupt' List For
Acting 'As A 1-man Congress'
Mysterious Death Related To
Obama's Fake Birth Certificate
The Government Shutdown
Was A Scam
Obama's America Is Ripe For
The Slaughter
German Chancellor Rips Obama Immigration "Reform": Does President Think He Can Hypnotize Republicans?
Conservatives Are Extremists? Dick Morris: The End Of
Obamacare Is In Sight
Would Obama Be OK With Russia If They Beheaded
Homosexuals And Christian Converts?
Finally A Deserved Award:
Politifact's ‘Lie Of The Year'
Obamacare Insures A More
Unhealthy Economy
The Biggest Pinocchios
Of 2013
Ben Stein on Obama: Should Be "Charged With
Criminal Fraud" For His Repeated Lies
ObamaCare Website Crashes When
CNN Tests Upgraded Version
Supreme Court To Admit
Obama Broke Law
Naked Power Grab by Democrats-
Makes Me Tired? Puh-lease!
Obamacare & Obama's Approval
Ratings, Both Fiascos
We Live In A World Of Lies When Leaders Are Liars:
Saul, Herod And Obama
How To Use Obamacare
To Scam Taxpayers
Israeli Promises Schmomises Healthcare.Gov 2.0: Obama Relaunches
ObamaCare's Website; It's A Doozie!
Bolton: Obama Pushed Iran Deal
To Prevent Israeli Airstrike
Obama Removes 'God' From
Gettysburg Address
If We Don't Like Our Criminal President,
We Don't Have To Keep Him – Period!
I Told You So: Obama Really
Stole The Election
Ghoulish President Obama Says He's
"Really Good At Killing People"
Health Care For The Pushy The ATM Ate
Forbes: White House Predicted In 2010 That 93 Million Would
Lose Their Health Plans Under ObamaCare
Election Integrity Activists: Obamacare 'Biggest
Voter Registration FRAUD Scheme In History'
A Class Act Vs. A Classless Hack:
Billy Graham Vs. Barack Obama
Why Are U.S. Textbooks
Suddenly Pushing Islam?
That's Not An Apology For
Losing Health Care
Obamacare Insures A More
Unhealthy Economy
Michelle O's Princeton Classmate Is Executive
At Company That Built Obamacare Site
Obama Secret Service Agent: "It's Worse Than
People Know; I'm Not Trying to Scare You Either"
Col. Allen West: Obama Is A 'Spoiled
Brat Child' And 'A Pathological Liar'
Bombshell: White House
Planned Shutdown
Food Stamps Most Rapidly
Growing Welfare Program
'Barrycades' Torn Down, Dumped
At White House
Retail Expert Howard Davidowitz: Wal-Mart's Woes
Stem From Economy In 'State of Collapse'
Update: Amber Website Now Working – Obama Plays Politics
With Lost Children, Shuts down Amber Alert Website
Syrial Losers
Col. Allen West: Obama Is A 'Spoiled
Brat Child' And 'A Pathological Liar'
Bombshell: White House
Planned Shutdown
Food Stamps Most Rapidly
Growing Welfare Program
40 Mind-blowing Quotes From Barack
Obama About Islam And Christianity
BO's Magically Shrinking Mojo WH Breaking All the Rules –
And Getting Away With It
Lawmaker: Obama Still Blocking
Heroes From Memorials
Morsi's Boasts Of Pro-Brotherhood
U. S. Come True
Things I Never Thought Would
Happen In America
The Bold-Faced Lies Of The President Concerning ObamaCare James Woods On Obama:
He's The ‘Gift From Hell'
"Peace Prize Obama" Went To Kenya In 2006 &
Campaigned For His Muslim Terrorist Cousin
Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) Leaves Americans
At The Mercy Of Obama's EPA
Islamo-Nazis In
The White House?
CAIR – Largest Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas Front In America – Is Running Money Laundering Operation
Red Lines Obama, Democrats
Never Draw
Obama's Allies in Syria: Al Qaeda,
'Highwaymen, Kidnappers, & Killers'
This Is Not How A Great
Power Operates
Obama, King Of Fake Twitter Followers, With More Than 19.5 Million Online Fans Who Don't Really Exist
Barack Obama – The Bad, The Really Bad & The Ugly The Collapse Of The
Obama Presidency
The ‘Incredible Shrinking' Obama The Left Feasts Upon
The Blood Of Youth
You'd Better Believe This
Is Obama's America
Obama: 'I Didn't Set A Red Line' On Syria (Clash Daily
Gave Him "Boldest Liar Ever Award" For This)
Obama Redefines Red Line And Seeks
Congress To Shed Syrian Responsibility
Rush Limbaugh Lets Loose On Obama
Over This ‘Psychopathic' Statement
Islamo-Nazis In The White House? AP Reporter's Brutal Syria Question For State
Department Spokeswoman (Spine Removals?)
On Syria: Not At This Time Muslim Brotherhood Claim: We've
Got ‘Goods On Obama'
Rush Limbaugh Suspects Obama Conspired
With Al-Qaeda To Frame Bashar al-Assad
Obamaland: Income Inequality Skyrockets
Under Obama, Worst In Two Decades
Obama Re-enacts Bay Of Pigs
Defunding: The Framers' Remedy
For Presidential Lawlessness
Obama's Peace Partner Taliban Magazine: "'Offensive Jihad' Is Essential To Implement Islamic Sharia Worldwide'"
Obamacare Rate Hikes May Approach
300% In Some Instances, Says AMAC
Parts Of Obamacare Delayed
To Hide Truth & Save Elections
Anti-Obamacare Rallies: Organizers Hail
Big Turnout Because No One Wants It
Russian Troops Are On US Soil,
Obama Is Caving In To Putin
If Obama Had A Son, I Bet
He Wouldn't Look Like This
Obama, the Agitator: Campaigning
For Division Instead Of Governing
On The Hot Seat: White House's Jay Carney
Dodges Questions More Than 9,000 Times
NSA Surveillance Of Politicians: Be ‘Compliant'
Or Be Exposed (Think Petraeus)
Poll: Words Like ‘Incompetent' And
‘Liar Most Used to Describe Obama
The Obama Admin Has Become An
Embarrassment To America
Mind-Boggling: Obama Unaccountable At
Double the Rate Of Previous Presidents
The People Are Pixxed Off
How Obama Protects
Himself From Scandals
Obama: $1 Trillion In Obamacare
Spending Is Historic 'Tax Cut'
Benghazi Scandal Takes Another
Turn Against Obama And Clinton
Matt Makes List: Top 20+ Reasons
I Despise Obama, A Retrospective
Obama's War On Christians: The Ultimate Scandal For The
Most Scandalous Presidency In United States History
Obama’s Father’s Day Freudian Slip WH “Strongly Objects” to NDAA Amendment
Protecting Religious Freedom in Military
Happy Father’s Day: President Obama
And His Daughter Play With Toy Guns
Washington Post Quietly Revises
Story On Obama's Africa Trip
Syrian Rebels Pledge
Loyalty To Al-qaeda
Look, Up In The Sky, It’s A Bird, It’s
A Plane …! Obama Is Superman!
Ailes On Benghazi: Where Was
Our Commander-in-Chief?
Obama’s Egyptian Buddies Prove
He’s Guilty Of High Treason!
Obama: Wait Won't Be Long For
National Same-Sex Marriage
Obama Worst Economic
President In 60 Years
Obama's Crown Versus
Washington's Cross
House Votes To Limit Obama’s
Authority To Detain US Citizens
Mass Exodus Of Capitol Hill Personnel:
Obamacare Is “Too Expensive”
I Smell B.S. And It’s Coming From The White House
Skeeter? CNN Journalist Did A Segment Insinuating Obama's Lying About His Shooting
 SCOTUS Definition: "What
Is A Natural Born Citizen?"
As Islamic Terror Attacks Escalate At Home & Abroad, Obama Says Muslims Are "Fundamental Part Of American Family"
A Truly Great Phony The Disintegrating Presidency Obama Confirms Christians In Military Are Targets
Declaration Of Independence 2012
Truth About Obamacare In 1 Sentence Video
Tell Officials And Agents - Federal, State or Local - They MUST OBEY Constitution And Laws ALWAYS!

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