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"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." - Thomas Jefferson
Does Moderate Islamic Ideology Exist? ? - Newsmax
The Explosive Secret
Huma Is Hiding
Manchurian President Ushering
In Islamic Caliphate?
Killing Christians: What
Muslims Do Best
Muslims Riot Because Jews
Wanted To Pray
Muslim Brotherhood Flees London After
British PM Launches Investigation
Pakistan Sentences Christian
Couple To Death
Anti-Gun Politician Charged
With Illegal Gun-Running
Muslims Demanding Their Own
Sharia Patrols In Michigan
FBI Agent: U.S. Has Evidence
To Indict Cair For Terror
Islam, Barack Obama And The
Isis: The Axis Of Evil
More To Come Soon Michigan Muslims Plot
Islamic-law Court
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The Next Grisly Attack Iran: Quran Has Marked Israelis
As ‘Rabid Dogs And Pigs'
Islam Sucks: Is That
Pithy Enough?
White Widow: Great Example On How Islam
Turns Humans Into Heartless Beasts
19 Year Old Christian Girl With Knife At
Her Throat Forced To Convert To Islam
Bolton: Obama Pushed Iran Deal
To Prevent Israeli Airstrike
What Koran REALLY Teaches, And What Muslims Believe! Islamo-Nazis In The
White House?
Why Are U.S. Textbooks
Suddenly Pushing Islam?
Young Somalis In Minnesota Still Signing Up For Terrorist Group Al Shabab That
Carried Out Deadly Kenya Mall Attack-Including At Least Four In The Last Year
Veena Malik Gives The Business
To Muslim Cleric
Death To Islamic Indoctrination—
Face The Facts, Instead
Obama Has Al Qaeda On The
Run: All Over Christians
'Eyes Gouged Out, Bodies Hanging From Hooks, and Fingers Removed With Pliers': Horrific
Claims Of Torture Emerge As Soldiers Reveal Gory Kenyan Mall Massacre Details
Islamic Leader Appointed To
Post By Janet Napolitano
What If It Were Christians
Murdering Muslims?
Taqiya: Arabic For ‘Holy Hypocrisy' Sword-Wielding Muslim Charges California
Deputies Screaming "Allah Akbar"
CAIR–The Largest Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas Front Group In America–Is Running Money Laundering Operation
Muslims Set Fire To Egypt
Church, Tear Down Cross
Liberals Reject Obama's Case For Syria Strikes;
Believe Obama And Kerry Are Lying
Rumsfeld: Obama Is Weakest President Of My
Lifetime (Weakest, Worst, Most Power Hungry)
"The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter. Unlike nearly all of the Old Testament verses of violence, the verses of violence in the Quran are mostly open-ended, meaning that they are not restrained by the historical context of the surrounding text. They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subjective as anything else in the Quran." - Read More Here . . .
Egyptian Democracy Protesters
Blast US Ambassador: ‘Go To Hell!'
Wars And Rumors Of Wars - Bad
News For Our 'Muslim' President
Kansas Public School Promotes
5 Pillars of Islam
Obama's Political Prisoner: Muhammad Film Producer Gets Supervised
Release From Jail - "I Want The World To See The Truth: I Am Not Afraid"
The New Dimension To
The Threat Of Islam
Christian Tragedy In
The Muslim World
Good Thing We Have Al
Qaeda On The Run . . .
Obama Gives Money To Syrian Rebels
Who Behead Innocent Christians
Sarah Palin On Syria: ‘Let Allah
Sort It Out' (BP-Good Advice!)
What The Arab Spring Is All About
A Vet Who Understands
The Enemy We Face
Islam: Satan's Pit-Bull Bible vs Koran On Jesus Christ,
Eternal Son Of The Eternal God
Tell The Truth About Islam:
Pat Condell
Islam Dismantled In 6 Minutes:
Pat Condell
Judge Jeanine's EPIC Smackdown On The
Mother Of The Boston Jihadi Bombers
Muslim Plotted To Kill 100,000 In Chemical Attack: Plan Was
To Contaminate Air Or Water Supply In Major U. S. City
Restore 4th Amendment -
Interesting Video
John Kerry Approves $1.3 Billion
In Aid To Country That Hates Us
PolitiChicks Exclusive: Geert Wilders On
Islamic Terrorism In EU And US
Incredible Update On Boston Bombing IT’S US VS.THEM
Time To Get Radical
With The Radicals
Benghazi: Hillary Could Eat Kittens While Stomping On A Naked
Granny And The "Media" Would Hail It As ‘Poetry'
Muslim Kindergarten
Graduation Ceremony
FBI Expert: (Ed. Note: "Lying Idiot")
Quran Is 'Revealed Word of God'
Slain Benghazi Victim's Mom Denied
Access To Ceremony Honoring Son
Arab Festival 2009- Sharia
In The US - "Must See"
Video About How Muslims
Are Taking Over France
Government Shields Civilizational
Jihad's Takeover Of The West
Black Leaders Plan To Protest
Illegal Alien Amnesty
CAIR Wants School To Allow Muslim Prayers,
But Attacks Voluntary, Off-site Bible Lessons
Judge Says It's OK For Muslim
Violence Against Christians
Four Words Every
Infidel Needs To Know
No Reason for Surprise: Doctrine
Of The Koran Demands Death
Mr. Obama's War Why Does NSA Spying
Exclude Mosques?
Demand Truth About Extortion 17 Destroying
Our Country, Our Military, Our Very Existence
Palin: Obama Scandals Trample On
Sacrifices Of America's Soldiers
Ten Obvious Reasons Why Islam
Is Not A Religion Of Peace!
As Islamic Terror Attacks Escalate At Home & Abroad, Obama Says Muslims Are "Fundamental Part Of American Family"
Tell Congress And President They Must OBEY Our US Constitution And Laws ALWAYS!

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