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"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." - Thomas Jefferson
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Admit It: Decent Folks No Longer Have
A Place In The Democratic Party
Homeland Security Exercise Targets "Free
Americans Against Socialist Tyranny"
Bradley A. Smith: Connecting
The Dots In The IRS Scandal
Senate (With Obama Help) Could
Destroy First Amendment Soon
Keeping Track: Obamas'
Vacations, Take 2 . . . Or 20!
Obama Makes Wars
More Likely
Obama Aims 'Wrecking
Operation' At Military
FBI Agent: U.S. Has Evidence
To Indict Cair For Terror
Obama Aiming For
'Unilateral Disarmament'
Obama 'Weakening Military
In Unprecedented Ways'
Obama 'Gutting Military'
By Purging Generals
Is Obama Accelerating The
Collapse Of America?
Email Reveals Lerner's Role In IRS
Harassment Of Conservative Groups
Convicted Terrorist Worked As
ObamaCare Navigator In Illinois
JUSTICE: Feds Pick Obama Supporter To
Lead Probe Into IRS Tea Party Targeting
5 New Year's Resolutions
For Conservatives
Obama, Kerry surrender Syria
And the Middle East To Iran
Obama On Executive Actions: ‘I've
Got A Pen And I've Got A Phone'
Cries Of "Wealth Inequality" Come From
Some Of Most Wealthy In Washington
General: Plans Cemented
To End Obama's Reign
General: Muslim Brotherhood
Inside White House
Members Of Congress
Won't Read This Bill
Michael Savage: Seal
Team Six ‘Executed'
Obama Tops 'Corrupt' List For
Acting 'As A 1-man Congress'
White House Nightmare: Eligibility Case Still Alive
Five ObamaCare Bombs
Waiting To Explode
State Dept. Whistleblower Has Emai
Hacked, Deleted
U.S. Judge: Obama Homeland Security
Aiding Criminal Conspiracies
Border Patrol Helps Illegal Aliens
Smuggle Kids Into US
Science By Consensus Means Politically Manufactured Science:
EPA Ignores Inconvenient Scientists
Is Barack Obama Using A Fake Social Security Number?
Government May Be Forced To Answer
Mysterious Death Related To
Obama's Fake Birth Certificate
Obama's America Is Ripe
For The Slaughter
German Chancellor Rips Obama Are We All Communist Now?
Examining A Common Core Survey
Most Believe Deportation Of Illegal Immigrants Not Agressive Enough The Biggest Pinocchios
Of 2013
Have You Heard Of The "Constitution
Free Zone"?
Finally a Deserved Award:
Politifact's 'Lie Of The Year'
Radical Leftists vs. Decent Folks:
Will There Be Blood?
Bolton: Obama Pushed Iran Deal
To Prevent Israeli Airstrike'
Gen. Hayden: Iran Deal 'Worst Of All Possible Outcomes'
Forbes: White House Predicted In 2010 That 93 Million Would
Lose Their Health Plans Under ObamaCare
Election Integrity Activists: Obamacare 'Biggest
Voter Registration Fraud Scheme In History'
How The GOP Can Nuke Obama Back God's Judging America: He's Giving Us
Gutless Leaders And Effeminate Men
How One Inspector General Is Fighting
Fraud and Waste In Afghanistan
Life With Big Brother echoes Of
Impeachment In NSA Scandal
Michelle O's Princeton Classmate, Exec At Company That Built Obamacare Site
Liberals Call For Arrest Of
House GOP For Sedition
Radical Leftists vs. Decent Folks:
Will There Be Blood?
Dr. Ben Carson Diagnoses
Obamacare's Disease
Obama Administration - Cowards On Benghazi D. C.'s 'Corrupt Bastards Club'
Cop Breaks Woman's Face For No Reason Proof That The Democrats Own The Shutdown Florida Cops Make Millions Dealing Cocaine
WSJ: Emails Show IRS' Lerner
Targeted Tea Party Groups
WARNING: Our Government Is A Threat To Public Safety
Congress Exempt From Obamacare Liberalism: Cesspool Of Death
And Devaluing Of Life
Obama's Syrian Rebels Dismembered Little
Girl With A Saw, While She Was Alive
What If I Told You Only 9% Of Americans Support A New War
In Syria But The Media Acts Like Everyone Supports It
McCain Playing Poker On His iPhone
(Ed. - At Senate Hearing About Syria)
Reminiscent Of The Nazis Wolf And McCain Debate Poker At Hearing The Benghazi Patsy
Retired Army Officer Warns: DHS Preparing
For War Against American Citizens
The FBI And The Muslim Brotherhood Head of Editorial Writers Board Implies
Military Force Be Used Against Tea Party
The Gang Of Eight's
Backroom Deals
President Obama Supports
Al Qaeda War On Women
Obama Gives Money To Syrian Rebels
Who Behead Innocent Christians
Tea Party Nation Head Wonders: Is The
Military Set To Act Against Americans?
Obama Stirs Trayvon Pot To Distract From
IRS, NSA, DOJ And Benghazi Scandals
(Blacks, Whites, or Hispanics?)
Exposing Enemy Of The People Intelligence: Obama Revealed Too
Much In Embassy Warnings
Real Danger Of Liberal Bias
Court Update - - Public Approval Of
Supreme Court Falls To All-Time Low
Beware – The IRS Wants To
File Your Taxes For You
How Governments and Corporations
Get High Off the Drug War
Poll Indicates Ohio's Liberal
Voters Abandoning Obama
Priorities: Fourth Of July Cancelled For Military Bases
While The Obamas Tour Africa On The Taxpayer Dime
Breaking: Big Weekend For Arpaio's
Obama Fraud Investigation
Marine Watching Zimmerman Trial, Catches Officer
Wearing Ribbon Reserved For WWII Vets
Obama Readies Us Marines To Assist In Egypt
But Wouldn't Send Us Marines To Benghazi
Senate Passes 1,200 pg Amnesty Legislation
Full Of Kickbacks And Carve-Outs
Wondering What Harmless ‘Metadata' Like The NSA Compiles
Can Actually Reveal? German Politician Shows You
IRS Auditor Reaffirms Conservatives,
Not Liberals, Were Targeted
Worse Than Solyndra: Obama Admin Buying
Maine Senate Seat With Crony Energy Loans
The Loss Of Trust - Link To
Dr. Thomas Sowell Article
Senators Ask If NSA
Collected Gun Data
The Power Behind The [Intelligence]
Throne (Part 1 of 2)
Part 2 – Don't Be Fooled By
Illusions Of Convergence
Open Season on Republican
Strategists And RINOs
Report: 9 Internet Firms Giving
Data To Government
Restore 4th Amendment -
Interesting Video
John Kerry Approves $1.3 Billion
In Aid To Country That Hates Us
 The IRS, The NSA and Comprehensive Amnesty Reform All Tie Together In Very
Nasty Way: Keeping You Down Is Way More Important Than Keeping You Safe
 Rotten To The Core! Pervasive Corruption Could Be Harder To Correct Than Wrongdoing At The Top
 Wait, The IRS Can't Find Its Receipts For A
Conference On Which It Spent $4 Million?
Obama Admits He's A Socialist
America Is Suffering Political Blood
Poisoning With The IRS Scandal
IRS Abuses: Why Should You Care? On Judges, President Obama
Forgets His Senate Votes
Gibson Guitars: Forgotten Scandal? The Tense Exchange Between Rep. Trey
Gowdy And The Former IRS Head
DHS Insider: It's About To Get Very Ugly
Next Obama Scandal Factory: The EPA Slain Benghazi Victim's Mom Denied
Access To Ceremony Honoring Son
America In The Midst Of
A Coup D'etat
Obama’s Super Secret Treaty Which Will Push The De-industrialization Of America Into Overdrive . . .
The Power To Destroy Bombshell:
'Proof' IRS Committed Felony
How Many Things Can Jim McDermott
Get Wrong In Five Minutes?
Why Did Obama's Campaign Manager
Attend Meetings With The IRS?
Coulter: Tips For Right-Wingers On
The IRS Scandal
Tea Party Patriots To Organize Mass
‘Audit The IRS Rally’ In D.C.
Black Leaders Plan To Protest
Illegal Alien Amnesty
New IRS Chief To Face House
As Agency's Woes Grow
IRS Spent $49M On
Employee Conferences
Ted Cruz Wants To Eliminate
The IRS; Democrats Balk
Breaking: Obama’s SEAL Team 6 Coverup The Arrogation of Power The Commander in Cheap
The Column I Never Wanted
To Write - Chris Skates
How Many Scandals Will
It Take To Oust Obama?
Are Conservatives Becoming
Enemies Of The State?
REPORT - - 20% Of Ohio's Registered
Voters Are Bogus
Team Obama Intimidates IRS Workers With Armed
Guards, Threatens Them If They Talk
Facts About Food Stamps
Farm Bill Starves Taxpayers
Demanding Truth About Extortion 17 Destroying
Our Country, Our Military, Our Very Existence
IRS Official Lerner Speedily Approved
Exemption For Obama Brother's ‘Charity'
Why Obama Released Embarrassing
IRS Bombshell
As Islamic Terror Attacks Escalate At Home & Abroad, Obama Says Muslims Are "Fundamental Part Of American Family"
Lawmakers Craft Game Plan On
Immigration, IRS, AP Scandals
The IRS, Obamacare, And
You: The Taxes
The Facts about Food Stamps
Everyone Should Hear
Obama Scandals: Welcome To
The Party! (Media-Pals)
The Disintegrating Presidency GOP Widens Probe of Sebelius
Fundraising for Enroll America
On Scandalpalooza, Part I Palin: Obama Scandals Trample On
Sacrifices Of America's Soldiers
On Scandalpalooza, Part II
Biblical Patriot Editor's Open Letter To Senator John Cornyn - 11/05/12
Partying In D.C.: Illegal Alien/deportation
Fugitive Aunti Zeituni Onyango
 Open Letter To President George W. Bush - 1/8/04
Jay Leno Unloads On Obama In
Devastating Monologue
Mark Levin Blasts Obama: ‘Flat-Out, Bald-Faced Lie'
That He Knew Nothing About IRS Targeting
IRS's Lerner Placed On Paid Vacation And Refuses To Resign!
Lerner's Plea
Death In Benghazi, Dishonor In Washington
Fast And Furious: Who
Is Dennis Burke?
 Link To SCOTUS Definition Of "What Is A Natural Born Citizen?"
Declaration Of Independence 2012
Truth About Obamacare In 1 Sentence Video
 Go Arizona Graphic - Pass It Around
To Your Friends!
Background Checks, Anyone? IRS, AP and Fox Scandals
Confirm Potential for Bureaucratic Injustice
 Eric Holder Signed Off On DOJ
Affidavit For Fox Reporter
Benghazi Investigation Deepens: Lawmakers
Seek Interviews Of 13 Officials Involved
Tell Congress And President They Must OBEY Our US Constitution ALWAYS!

The War Against Christians
Destruction Of Public Education
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