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Articles/Links About "Common Core" Lies, Scams,
Schemes And Brainwashing Of School Children
Growing List Of Articles And Links About Progressives Common Core Takeover
Of Public Schools To Produce Obedient Little Socialists/Communists!
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"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." - Thomas Jefferson
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More Parents Choose Homeschooling
Due To Common Core
Indiana: First State To
Dump Common Core
Common Core Is BIG Deal – Admittedly
Editing The Constitution
Bill Gates Loves Common Core For YOUR Kids, But NOT HIS
How Obamacore ("Common Core")
Skirts The Law
Common Core Teaches
Adultery In 3rd Grade
(Un) Common Core – Where Gun Controllers
Indoctrinate THEIR Idea Of 2nd Amendment
How Obamacore ("Common Core")
Skirts The Law
Teacher Quits Over
Common Core
Renewing The Fight To Stop
Common Core Standards
Michigan Dad ‘Fired Up' Over Biology Assignment
That Normalizes ‘Sleeping Around'
New Hampshire Legislation
Would Ban Common Core
Wisconsin Superintendent's Pro-common
Core Campaign Is Height Of Hypocrisy
Indiana Withdrawing From
Common Core Standards
Why A Conservative Defending
"Common Core" Makes No Sense
Liberal/Statists Permanent Platform
(Dated But Still True)
Rush: Modern Liberalism
Is A Series Of Lies
Common Core's Impact: First Picture
Of My Daughter I Ever Hated
Comparisons Between Conservative
And A Liberal/Progressive!
Common Core Section
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If Change Makers Went
To Public School Today
Biblical Patriot Editor's Open Letter To Senator John Cornyn - 11/05/12
 Link To SCOTUS Definition Of "What Is A Natural Born Citizen?"
Declaration Of Independence 2012
 Go Arizona Graphic - Pass It
Around To Your Friends!
 Open Letter To President
George W. Bush - 1/8/04
Tell Elected Officials And Agents - Federal, State, County or Local - They MUST OBEY Constitution And Laws ALWAYS!

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