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A Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A Depression is when you lose your job. A RECOVERY is when Obama loses his job!
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"We've had Obama with all his soaring rhetoric, with all this nonsense, he's like a manure spreader in a
windstorm. It stinks. It's flying all over the place and it's not pretty." -- Tim Pawlenty
 Notes On What Koran REALLY Teaches And What Muslims Believe!
Why Does Obama Need 1.6 Billion Bullets? - Daily Times
About Transparency And Spotting Liars
DOJ to Fed. Judge: We Can Force Your Wife to Violate Her Religion
Morning Bell: 10 Facts On The Fiscal
Cliff, Debt, And Spending - Heritage
"Sluts Without Shame" - Guest
Article By Don Boys, Ph. D.
From The Lloyd Marcus Website
"Don't Freak - It's Just The "R" Word"
Standing Up To Liberal Tyranny In The
Age of Obama - Patriot Update
President Obama: Biggest Government
Spender In World History - Forbes
Top Five Reasons Republicans Should Take
Us Over The Fiscal Cliff - Breitbart
Everywhere, All The Time: All Drama Obama - Clash Daily
(E-Mail) Letter To Senator John Cornyn re Washington Elitists - James Dearmore
How To Make Harry Reid’s Power Grab
Work For Conservatives - Heritage
The Extremists Who Report
the News - Red State
The Muslim Agent Who Pulls Obama's Strings? - Political Outcast
35 Gut-Wrenching Reasons Why A “No Vote” Is (Was) A Vote For Barack Obama! - Catch Kevin
9/11 Aftermath Of Lethal Tolerance - Caruba
Dr. Thomas Sowell: "What Is Greed?"
Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence - Conservative Videos
The Medium Is The Message, Cowboy - Canada Free Press
Obama vs Jesus: Black Christians
Must Decide - Lloyd Marcus
9/11: Remember The Jumpers
Embattled Arizona Governor Stands Strong Against
Chicago Administration - American Thinker
Obama Demands Race-Based School
Discipline - American Thinker
How Did Harry Reid Get Rich? His Career In Public Service Has Been Remarkably Lucrative - National Review
Modern Patriot's Declaration Of Truth - J. Harris
Satire - Fairy Tale Of Profiling - J. Harris
Limbaugh, Fluke, ‘War On Women’ and Travesty of Cravenly Caving to Lies of Left - Red State
Jesus' Name Ruled 'Unconstitutional' - WND - (BP Note: ACLU Idiocy!)
Fat, Drunk, Lazy and Knocked Up: Would Founders Be Ashamed of America? - Patriot Update
Blasphemous Unfunny SNL Sketch About Jesus And Tim Tebow
Sioux Me (On Modern "Crybabies")
Comments On Liberals and Liberalism
 GOP Presidential Nomination And Idiot Elitists In Washington! - JHD
 Notes On What Koran REALLY Teaches And What Muslims Believe!
Egypt, The Muslim Brotherhood, And Those Idiots In Washington! - JHD
About Transparency And Liars - JHD
Administration Agenda Based On Deceit
Biblical Patriot Editor's Letter To The Republican National Committee
Obamacare Lunacy- See Chart of Proposed Bureaucracy
Response to Dallas Morning News Op-Ed, CEO Viewpoints on Immigration Reform
Dirty Dozen Disastrous Defects of Senate Comprehensive Immigration Bill!
Why Senate Immigration Lunacy Must Be Rejected - No Compromise!
"On Insulting Christians - Part 1"
"Resurrection Day 2006 - Hidden Liberty"
"On 'Media Darling Criminals' and Rest of Hate America Crowd" - JHD
Senate "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" - Treasonous AND Suicidal! - JHD
"Insanity of Land for Peace in Israel"
"Freedom Is Never Free"
QUESTION- Are We Safer Now Than Before Afghanistan and Iraq? ANSWER- YES!
"Romanian Ode To America"
"Canadian Editorial on America"
Editorial - "Is Modern Version of Liberalism Really A Mental Disorder?" - JHD
"On Islamic Beliefs - Part 1"
"On Islamic Beliefs - Part 2"
Jihad Watch - Robert Spencer
"On Islamic Beliefs - Part 3"
"Hillary - McCain Rally Illegal Aliens"
"Comments on Africa and Kwanzaa"
What Our Troops Think of Kerry, Durbin, Schumer and all the other
"Democrat Cut & Run Specialists" & Why The Dems Always
Do Tricks To Prevent Counting Troop Votes!

Old Photo, But Contemptuous Message Is Still Correct!

Some of our troops in Talil, Iraq, tell us what they think of John Kerry and all the other "Cut and Run Specialists" like him and the Democrat Liberals who now have total control of that party.

Photo clearly tells how the troops voted in the past, and how they will vote in future, if they are not cheated out of their votes by Democrat voting officials dirty tricks!

Troops vs Kerry
Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11
Pressure Your Senators and Representatives - They Constantly Weasel On Promises and Votes!
Demand They Build Real DOUBLE FENCE - Enforce Law - SECURE BORDER!
STOP Illegal Aliens, SHARPLY REDUCE Legal Immigration - CUT UNEMPLOYMENT!


The War Against Christians
Destruction Of Public Education
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Race And Race Relations
Corrupt, Incompetent Government
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Muslim Subversion Of USA
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About Immigration And Illegal Aliens
Christian Founders Of United States
Link To Christian Contractor, Dallas Area - Redeemed Homes