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For Alien Votes Is Proper Title For
ANY "Comprehensive Immigration Bill"
Editorial by James H. Dearmore II
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(Note added 5/21/13 - This editorial, first written by James Dearmore and published 6/14/06 about an earlier "scamnesty bill" is still true today and is applicable to this "new" scamnesty bill being promoted in the Senate by Rubio and the Gang of Eight! WE MUST STOP IT FROM BECOMING LAW! Write your Senators and Congressman (skip Obama) soon and often to reject this BILL WHICH WILL MEAN THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW AND LOVE HER!) MORE

Note added 10/12/11 -Still true today, only more so than it was on June 14, 2006 when first posted! -- (Stats adapted from press reports.)
Don't Call Them "Undocumented Workers" - They Are "Illegal Aliens!"

Economist Milton Friedman once truly said, "There's no such thing as a free lunch."

And the corollary on labor is, "There's no such thing as cheap labor" -- especially not when it comes to illegal aliens.

Vernon Robinson, a GOP congressional candidate in North Carolina, neatly summarized the problems posed by millions of illegal aliens in USA:

"These illegal aliens are taking jobs away from American citizens and they're sponging off the American taxpayer. They're overflowing our public schools and colleges for a FREE EDUCATION, scamming our welfare and food stamp programs for a FREE HAND-OUT, filling our court rooms as criminal defendants, swarming our hospital emergency rooms for FREE MEDICAL CARE, and clogging the line at the DMV."

Perhaps you think Robinson is being a little harsh but to understand what he is talking about, let's look at how the Senate amnesty bill would benefit a typical family of six illegal aliens.

The head of the household fraudulently obtained a Social Security number years ago but NEVER filed an income tax return. However, since the Senate amnesty bill requires him to "pay" some of his back taxes, he files an income tax return.

And -- because he worked for ABC Corporation at a ridiculously low wage -- he receives an "earned income credit" of up to $3,200 for each filing year! That's a clear profit of $1,200 over the so-called $2,000 fine he'll have to pay. And that's just for one year's worth of taxes. That money comes out of YOUR pocket.

In addition, this family of illegal aliens also receives low-cost Section 8 housing and federal help with the rent. Once again, you foot the bill.

This family of six will also receive food stamps, free medical care under Medicaid and free school lunches. Once again, you pay.

In other words, ABC Corporation gets cheap labor and the American taxpayer foots the bill.

PLEASE, AS YOU VALUE OUR AMERICAN LIBERTIES, send an email, Fax message, or postal letter to President Bush and the leadership of the House and Senate --- AND DO IT TODAY. Soon it may be too late! TELL THEM "BORDER SECURITY NOW -- NO SCAMNESTY, as is presently in progress."

Tell them that the American people will NOT be fooled by skewed polls or spin and will never forgive them if a handful of bipartisan sell-outs -- huddled behind closed doors --approves an immigration law that gives amnesty to over 12 million illegal aliens under the guise of "Comprehensive Border Control" or whatever other false and misleading name they give it.

Tell them once and for all that the American people want REAL conservatives on the House-Senate Conference Committee who favor the HOUSE BORDER ENFORCEMENT BILL.

But If You Think Granting Amnesty To 12 Million Illegal Aliens Is Too Much... Wait Until You Hear This?

Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation released a comprehensive study which claimed that the Senate amnesty bill would allow an estimated 66.7 million persons to immigrate to the United States over the next 20 years.

But that's not the worst case scenario:

Senator Jeff Sessions also released a report projecting the actual numbers who could be admitted under the Senate version of the comprehensive "Immigration Reform" bill to be anywhere between 78.7 million and 217.1 million!

If foreign enemies were plotting to destroy the United States of America, they could never in a million years have come up with a better plan.

An influx of 66.7 to 217 million people? Are our political leaders crazy? Or are they crazy like foxes?

Such a massive influx of people constitutes a huge voting block and every single political leader who lacks integrity is getting in line for a crack at these future voters.

But the long term question is this . . . If the RINOs and other Liberals are willing to sell you out on immigration laws today . . . what demands will these millions of new voters make that our leaders will bend over backward to satisfy in the future?

Personally, I don't want to find out.

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) spoke truly when he said:

"The American people expect more from the 'People's House' than joining the Senate's sellout to the cheap-labor lobby and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. If House Republicans do not answer that call to duty, we will deserve neither our citizens' respect nor their votes."

It is very clear to anyone who can read that the Senate Immigration Reform bill as passed by them recently IS NOT REFORM AT ALL IT IS RATHER 'NATIONAL SUICIDE' for America as we know and love her! (June 14, 2006, Garland, TX.).