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Editorial On Insulting
Christians - Part 1

By James H. Dearmore II - Editor/Webmaster
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The Washington State Democrat(ic) Party offered the metallic car sticker seen at right. The sticker is of the Christian fish symbol and cross emblazoned with the word "hypocrite" on a background of hellish flames. Scroll down for my letter to them.

As soon as it became public knowledge that the sticker was being offered on their site, they immediately removed it. However, it seems that at no time was there an apology offered to the millions of Christians they insulted, although this incident happened some years ago. Write them again and protest! The same attitude as shown in this earlier incident appears almost daily, and is still generally prevalent among Democrat leaders and other Liberals! They seem to hate Bible believing Christians more than terrorists!


Just imagine the howls of rage and demands for apologies, instant removal from site, firings of all concerned, etc., etc., which would have come from the so-called "liberal" Democrat leadership if the Gospel Web or some other Christian web site had offered a similar bumper sticker insulting Jews, or Buddhists; or say Muslims with their crescent moon symbol displayed in the same insulting manner as the Christian fish symbol.

If you are outraged by such insults from lying liberals and assorted other unbelievers, I urge you to write a letter, or email, or make a phone call to the Washington State Democrat Party at the addresses and phones below listed and let them know how you feel about such "attitudes," which attitudes are still common among "democrat and other liberal" leaders. You are welcome to "copy and paste" from this page to use in your email or postal letter if you wish.

In future editorials I plan to deal with some more of the false statements, lying hypocritical insults, and even active persecution and denial of civil or religious rights to Christians in the United States of America. You can insult Christians faith with impunity - But you better not insult Jewish or Muslim beliefs, Hindus, Buddhists, Secular Humanists or any other religions or faiths. You can only insult, lie about, and persecute Christians and their faith with impunity in the USA --- and most of the rest of the world --- NOT other religions!

Please email the Washington State Democrat Party asking for an apology. They would never allow such a demeaning symbol pertaining to any other religious faith to be offered on their web pages.

Webmaster/Editor'sote: The following is a Postal Address and Email address, with different Chairman, etc. Send them a note and ask them again about this "attitude" toward Christians and Christianity, which is still prevalent among liberals, at least on the National Political scene, and in the so-called "Main Stream Media"!

Washington State Democrats
PO Box 4027
Seattle, WA 98194
Phone (206) 583-0664
Chairman Dwight Pelz


Following is a copy of MY LETTER to them sent 12/16/05 by E-mail:

Paul Berendt, State Party Chair
Washington State Democratic Central Committee
Addresses Changed, See Notes Above
Seattle, WA

Subject: Your Gratuitous Insults to Christians and Christianity in General

Dear Chairman Berendt:

I'm sorry you elected to take a symbol of the Christian faith and denigrate it in such a manner. I thank you for removing it from your web site immediately after the public became aware of it.

I do feel that a public apology is in order. I look forward to seeing your public apology in the media.

If anyone or any organization had made such a derogatory bumper sticker or emblem about any other religion in the world, such as the Muslim or Jewish religions you and every Democrat leader in the country would be howling immediately for removal of the insulting item, an abject public apology, the firing of anyone responsible, etc.

Your "liberal" hypocrisy is almost beyond belief, and it seems to grow exponentially.

James Dearmore
End of Letter to State Party Chair of Washington State Democratic Central Committee