Or Encouraging Illegals For Politial Gain!
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Illegal Aliens Rally Encouraged by Hillary and McCain March 8th, 2006, In Washington, D.C.

Did you hear what Senators Hillary Clinton and John McCain told a crowd of over 2,400 ILLEGAL aliens at a March 8th rally in Washington D.C.? Remember an illegal alien or one who has overstayed a visa has already committed a felony, (that makes them a criminal by definition) showed contempt for our laws and for our country!

Here's what Hillary had to say: "It is so heartening to see you here... You are really here on behalf of what America means..." (Ed. Note: Personally, I never would have guessed that the "meaning of America" was committing and continuing in illegal acts!)

Here's what McCain had to say: "You are doing what democracy is supposed to be all about, petitioning the government to right a wrong."

Of course, the more than 2,400 illegal aliens were NOT petitioning THEIR government, as McCain seems to imply, they were petitioning the U.S. government. And the group sponsoring the event was using the money of a FOREIGN government to do it! BUT YOU WON'T EVER READ THIS IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA! And the self-righteous "old grey lady" (the New York Times) will certainly never tell you the truth about this.

McCain and Clinton joined Senators Chuck Schumer and Teddy Kennedy at the March 8th rally of ILLEGAL ALIENS as part of a lobbying effort to generate support for granting amnesty to the more than 11 million people living and working in this country ILLEGALLY. By definition, if you enter or remain in this country illegally, you are a criminal, committing a criminal act daily.

After all, McCain and Kennedy are presently trying to push a so-called immigration enforcement bill through the Congress -- a "scamnesty" bill known as the "Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act" (S. 1033) -- and McCain has gone on record, claiming that S. 1033 is NOT an "amnesty bill."

At least that's what he said on the television news show, This Week, on May 15, 2005 -- and he's been saying it ever since.

Our betrayers in the "Main Stream Media" don't want you to know that their golden-haired boy, McCain, is speaking out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to the issue of securing our borders and keeping Americans safe.

I believe that most REAL AMERICANS would tell John McCain and the rest of our political leaders that the American people WANT REAL IMMIGRATION REFORM and WILL NOT be fooled by the "scamnesty" bills that are presently under consideration in the Senate (or any of that sort in the future).

At present, there are at least seven Republican Senators (Allard, Bond, Burns, Chambliss, Cornyn, Inhofe and Lott) who reportedly said they will NOT support any measures that would "legalize" illegal aliens.

Moreover, two other Republican Senators (Enzi and Snowe) have indicated that they are leaning against supporting any measures that will "legalize" illegal aliens.

So this could be a beginning toward real progress on stopping the "scamnesty" efforts.

But when I heard about McCain and Clinton's "gush-fest" to a crowd of over 2,400 illegal aliens at the behest of a foreign lobbying organization, it angered me instantly!

How can the I.N.S. effectively enforce our laws when our political leaders -- who are supposed to be setting an example when it comes to enforcing our laws -- attend rallies with thousands of people who are in this country illegally?

How can we expect others to respect our laws when politicians pull stunts like that?

And why is it that "Mr. Lobby Reform" John McCain seems to have no issue attending rallies at the behest of foreign lobbying organizations?

Every patriotic American should see that every one of our elected leaders hears from us on this issue! And you should write them in no uncertain terms -- Some of them don't read or listen very well!

We want secure borders and genuine immigration law enforcement by every means, and every level of government possible, and we want it NOW!