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Editorial Adapted From Advertisement For
Vernon Robinson, Republican Nominee
for Congress (NC-13) Some Years Ago

James Dearmore, Editor, Biblical Patriot
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Adapted From Political Advertisement - 6/21/2006 - - (10/12/11 Update: Reports are he is running again, with good chance of winning.)

Dirty Dozen Defects of Senate Comprehensive Immigration Bill

Adapted and Modified From Advertisement for Vernon Robinson, Republican Nominee for Congress (NC-13)

(It makes a good editorial, without much revision - JHD, Editor, Biblical Patriot)
Phone or Fax Your Senators and Congressman To Reject ANY AND ALL Easy Immigration Bills Or Amnesty
Now And In Future, And Insist We Get Control Of Our Borders NOW, AND KEEP THEM UNDER CONTROL,

Were you as outraged as I was when the illegal aliens seized control of this high school flagpole, turned our American flag upside down, and hoisted their Mexican flag above the Stars and Stripes?

It was bound to happen since TEN PERCENT of Mexico's population now lives in the United States! Million's of Mexican citizens are now among the 12 MILLION illegal aliens who have invaded our country. (Note by JHD - Real numbers are unknown, and some estimate the number of illegal aliens from all countries in the US might be nearer 30 MILLION! And they are still coming by the thousands every week!)

These illegal aliens are taking jobs away from American citizens and they're sponging off the American taxpayer. They're overflowing our public schools and colleges for a FREE EDUCATION, scamming our welfare and food stamp programs for a FREE HAND-OUT, filling our courtrooms as criminal defendants, swarming our hospital emergency rooms for FREE MEDICAL CARE, and clogging the line at the DMV.

The presence of so many illegal aliens and their refusal to assimilate like previous generations of legal immigrants has transformed our nation's culture so much that we can no longer go to McDonald's and order a Big Mac without feeling as though we're in the Twilight Zone, because the person behind the counter doesn't speak or understand English. Our voter registration applications and election ballots are now printed in Spanish to make it easier for illegal aliens to vote! (Ed. Note: Aliens are not legally eligible to vote, of course, but apparently many do so illegally.) In our own country, we can no longer go to the ATM machine or call a government agency or big business without being told that we must "Press 1 for English." If this keeps up, before long it will be "Press 1 for Spanish and 2 for English"!

Although these illegal aliens won't commit to learning our language, many of them do commit heinous crimes against us. That's why illegal aliens now constitute more than 100,000 of the convicted felons in our state prisons and comprise more than 27% of the federal prison population. Their felonies include murder, rape, kidnapping, armed robbery, drunk driving, identity theft, and child molestation.

I wish I could tell you that this crisis was at last being solved. In fact, just the opposite is true. The Senate has passed an amnesty bill that is supported by Mexico President Vincente Fox, Teddy Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and, regrettably, President Bush and one in three Republican Senators.

It is only a handful of anti-amnesty votes in the House that is preventing the immigration invasion from being made worse by the enactment of the Senate bill. There's no better way for you to prevent this horrible Senate bill from becoming law than by joining my campaign today.

Just consider the Senate bill's "Dirty Dozen Defects":

1. It would grant immigrants a legal right to demand that the federal government communicate with them in any language they choose.

2. It would allow 10 million illegal aliens to break in line and get in front of the law-abiding applicants who have been waiting patiently in their home countries for years. According to the Heritage Foundation's analysis, the number of legal immigrants who will enter the country or gain legal status would be 66 million over the next 20 years. (JHD Note: This would destroy what little national cohesiveness we have left).

3. The $2,000 penalty that would have to be paid to become a citizen is less money than illegal aliens pay their so-called "coyotes" (i.e., human traffickers) to smuggle them into our country. That's why the White House Press Secretary approvingly compared the fine to "paying a traffic ticket."

4. The assertion that the bill would compel illegal aliens to pay "back taxes" is a joke. First, most illegal aliens are paid wages so low that they would qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit and thus they would actually RECEIVE money if they filed returns. Second, the bill says that illegal aliens need only pay their back taxes for just 3 of the last 5 years. If you and I tried that, we would go to prison.

5. Each year, the bill would allow 200,000 immigrants to cross the border illegally and work just 6 days that year (including self employment) to qualify for a permanent green card.

6. While the House passed a bill requiring at least 700 miles of "real fencing" on our 2,000 mile long Mexican border, the Senate bill cuts the "real fencing" to the absurdly short length of only 370 miles.

7. The bill's terrorist loophole would restrict local police to arresting aliens for only criminal violations of immigration law, not civil violations. Most of the 9-11 hijackers, for example, committed civil violations of immigration law. Under the bill, police officers would have no power to arrest such terrorists.

8. It forbids the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency from sharing information about guest-worker program applicants with other government agencies after performing background checks on them. That means the bill would actually prevent USCIS from initiating the process to remove criminals and national security threats, even after they are rejected from the guest-worker program.

9. It would allow illegal aliens to use their past illegal work to qualify for Social Security benefits! This will of course imperil the solvency of Social Security for us and our children.

10. It would be the largest expansion of government welfare in 35 years. The Heritage Foundation estimates that the bill would increase federal spending by at least $50 billion a year.

11. It would extend Davis-Bacon "prevailing wage" provisions for guest workers, but not American citizens, and thereby force small businesses to pay inflated wages to guest workers that would exceed the pay American citizens get for performing the same work.

12. It would give immigrants more job protection than American citizens because guest farm workers could not be "terminated from employment by any employer ... except for just cause." By contrast, American agriculture workers can be fired for any reason.-- James Dearmore, Biblical Patriot, Garland, Texas (June 21, 2006).