Senate Immigration Bill Is Truly
The Very Worst Ever Proposed!

Editorial Published On Biblical Patriot On 6/24/13
By James Dearmore
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This Perfectly Illustrates Why The Senate Idiocy On Immigration
Must Be Rejected In Its Entirety - No Compromise!

America, lets all put in $20.00 for an army of lawyers to investigate whether our elected Senators and Representatives and their staffs are being blackmailed by drug cartels. Or maybe the Republicans are being blackmailed by their political enemies, using information collected by the NSA, and their enemies "opposition research teams". We can DEMAND NSA data be released to our side as well. And our group of Lawyers and investigators can also do a thorough investigation to see how many of the Senators and Representatives have been "bribed" by "trade-offs" as so many were in the passage of the Obamacare abomination. Corruption appears to be rampant in the present administration, even much more than in any previous administration in the entire history of our country.

The present Immigration Bill is so harmful to American workers and non-workers, and in fact harmful to almost every American citizen EXCEPT the "crony capitalists" who hope to profit enormously by it. Washington DC now appears to be operating like Chicago mobsters are running it.

The fact that the Bill is so obviously harmful to the very existence of our country as a free Republic gives plenty of reason to wonder if they are being blackmailed or paid off in some manner, as even an ignoramus should be able to see the great harm and dangers to our country's future freedom and well being is being promoted as a "must pass" piece of legislation.

This is the kind of idiocy I would expect from the Liberal/Progressives and from men like McCain and Lindsey Graham, but I did not expect it, at first, from Marco Rubio and some others who are supporting it.

In case you missed it, go to this link to a diary from a few days ago, which makes the case that Graham, as the one key GOP sponsor of this bill who will face the voters next year, MUST be primaried and defeated for his role in advancing this monstrosity of legislation! And I certainly agree with the idea of helping somebody "primary" Lindsey Graham!

More food for thought from Graham: Go To Very Appropriate Quote

The money quote: “Schumer’s been incredible,” Mr. Graham says. “He’s a worthy successor to Ted Kennedy, and that’s saying a lot.”

I apologize to everyone who lost their lunch by reading this quote. I almost lost mine!

McCain and Graham both are amazingly clueless, even pathetic! Who in their right mind praises both Schumer and Kennedy?

Take Action: Phone your Senators and insist they vote against any "immigration related bill" except to set up absolutely solid and total control of our borders and reduce sharply all legal immigration as well as making it as nearly impossible as can be for anyone here illegally to work or obtain any federal, state or local government benefits or freebies of any sort! PHONE AND WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND TELL HIM "NO COMPROMISE" NO VOTE OF ANY KIND, (NO CONFERENCE COMMITTEE SWINDLE) with the senate on that lunatic immigration bill which the Senate appears about to pass as of today."

Write both of your Senators and your Representative and tell them "absolutely NO!" on that piece of Senatorial treason and stupidity. The bill is insane, and if allowed to stand, will rapidly bring about the total destruction of the America we know and love! It will also make it impossible for the Republicans or any Conservative Party or group to EVER be elected in any National elections. If allowed to stand it will also give statists/liberals/progressives control of our American government for many years indefinitely into the future, beginning NOW.

And do keep a "long memory" on this Senate Bill - Remember and blacklist those who voted for it whether they succeed in finally passing this iniquitous bill or not, and always vote for and support those who said "Nay" to this treasonous lunacy. (Posted 6/24/13 by JHD)