Editorial Comment - October 11, 2011
The Republican Presidential Nomination
And Those Idiot Elitists In Washington!
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James Dearmore
Garland, Texas

Editors Note Added Sept. 11, 2012 --- In spite of Romney not being "conservative enough" it is truly urgent that every person who loves this nation as it was founded and desires it to continue as a place of personal freedom and remain a representative Republic founded and based on Judeo-Christian values as found in our Bible . . . . . I repeat, it is urgent that we all vote for Romney AND elect truly Conservative Senators, (gain control of the Senate) and elect truly Conservative Congressmen! Remember always, A B O (Anybody But Obama). What I wrote earlier in the Editorial shown below is and was true, although I am HOPING that Romney has been "pushed" into a more conservative position than he was before. With a solid conservative Senate and House we can dampen any "Liberal" tendencies he may still have, and ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN OBAMA AGAIN!

Editorial - Biblical Patriot - October 11, 2011 - JHD From here onward, this editorial is exactly as originally published on October 11, 2011.

Have you noticed how the "Republican Elitists" (the "we are much smarter than you commoners") crowd are pushing Mitt Romney, and even some of the open "leftists" are defending him on occasion?

That in itself is very instructive ! ! !

Apparently the RNC and the Elitists in the GOP are dominated, at least in large measure, by "RINOS". Remember how and why we lost last time around? Because we had a RINO at the head of the ticket!

The elitists can push Romney all they want, but if we real conservatives refuse to let them fool us into backing him in the primaries, he cannot win the nomination. At least so far, we the people still have some power in the primaries, if we refuse to be browbeaten and/or deceived by the GOP Washington Elitists, who are to a man, RINOS!

Lets forget the GOP elitists and do our job together and give this nomination to a genuine Conservative, then win the general election with her/or/him! Presently it seems to be Cain/Bachmann or Bachmann/Cain, but I would not be surprised to see Perry or one of the other Conservatives yet win the nomination.

However, we need always to keep in mind ABO anybody but Obama!

We must prevent at all costs anyone from running as a "third party candidate" on the Conservative or Republican side, as this would simply insure Obama's re-election and give him and his Chicago Thugs time to finish destroying our nation as it was founded!

The "Campaign To Defeat Obama - - is publishing a group of video clippings, which you should view. The video exposes the fact that Romney is not with conservatives on most of the important principles we hold as Conservatives or Tea Partiers.

Rachel Maddow (of MSNBC) a typical left-wing loon, was enraged when she saw this video. One might well ask, "Why on earth would a huge Leftie be incensed about this?" Could it be that the Dems-Libs-Progressives-Communists are in mortal fear that the Republicans will win the election and they'd rather have a Moderate-Left-leaning person as POTUS so more of their freedom destroying Socialist crap, more stimulus, and more raising of the debt limit could be enacted? Rachel and all the rest of the Lame Stream Media ought to keep their opinions about who Republicans choose as their candidate to themselves, because we already know that anyone they promote or defend is not anyone we want as our candidate!

No real conservative I know has any interest in what the Libs think or believe in regard to which candidate will carry the Conservative/Republican banner. We are not so stupid as to fail in realizing they would never approve of the candidate who would fare best in the election. Anyone the left approves would be prone to compromise on all the insane and subversive crap the Progressives/Socialists/Communists promote.

However, when push comes to shove, always remember - ABO! To form a third party candidate from the conservative side would only put Obama back in the White House for another term, and that would be the end of America as we know it! Yes, we all want our candidate to win the nomination and go against Obama, but not to vote for and support whoever wins the Republican nomination is just plain stupid! Remember - ABO!

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