Letter To Senator John Cornyn
Sent November 5, 2012
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Dr. James H. Dearmore
Garland, Texas

Editorial - Biblical Patriot - Posted November 5, 2012 - JHD

Dear Senator Cornyn:

I NEVER send any contributions for political purposes through organizations like the NRSC.

I HAVE made several modest contributions directly to candidates like Ted Cruz, Todd Akin, Michelle Bachmann, Allen West and several others, and in earlier races have supported Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell, and various other Tea Party favorites who are generally sabotaged in their campaigns by the Republican elitists such as yourself, Karl Rove, John Boehner, and a long list of elitists who think they know who should run for our legislative offices, and often proceed to lose seats in the House and Senate which could have been won if the "elitists" had helped instead of trying to prevent or destroy those not hand picked by Republican "insiders" for office.

This elitist domination of the whole process has worked for many years now, but it is becoming harder and harder for the Washington elitists to dominate.

If there is not soon more receptivity to "outsiders" and "Tea Partiers" on the part of the Washington insiders who run the Republican Party like a little exclusive private club, there is going to be a massive rebellion by us "commoners" against the "Washington Royalists" and the "commoners" will either succeed in setting up a viable third party, OR they will simply quit voting, and then the Republican Royalists will ALWAYS or nearly always lose to the Marxists/Statists/Progressives on the other side.

I pray not, but I fear that we may see an example of Republican elitists misguided actions in this present election of Nov. 6, 2012 in Missouri, where the idiotic actions of the elitists against Todd Akin may very well succeed in handing the senate seat there to McCaskill, when it is obvious that with a little less opposition from elitists and a little more help Akin could have won it.

Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell (and several others) are earlier examples of the same problem, caused by Washington elitists in the Republican party who seem to think they know better than the voting public who should represent the voting public. Neither you nor any group of Washington Insiders has been divinely appointed to choose or vet all our candidates for office.

I have voted for you every time your name has been on the ballot, but I fear you are drifting off into "Washington never-never-land" and if that trend continues I will be supporting someone else for your seat in the future. You and many others in Washington need to come back down to earth and support ONLY strictly Constitutional, commonsense, patriotic working class values, the values of our founding fathers, if we are to save our Christian Republic from the inroads of Marxist and Islamic subversion which is now proceeding unchecked in our beloved USA, and especially so in Washington, D.C.

May God bless America, and lead many in Washington and all over our nation to defend the sound Christian values and personal liberty on which our country was founded.

Sincerely Your Friend,

James H. Dearmore II

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