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Guest Editorial by Joseph Harris
Posted Here 3/15/12

Editorial Satire - A Fairy Tale of Profiling

Once upon a time, not so far away, in the mystical land of Political Correctness, a bank was bombed. Many people were hurt, and some were killed. There was indisputable proof as to the kind of person who did the bombing. The bomber was a red-haired, freckled face male, who drove a blue pickup truck. Now in the Kingdom of PC, there lived a gang of red-haired, freckled face men with blue pickup trucks. It was also known that some in this group were bombers. And remember, it was a red-haired, freckled face man who drove his blue pickup full of explosives into the bank and blew it up. There was also a track record of past bombings showing that 99.9 % of all bombings over the past several years had been carried out by red-haired, freckled face men in blue pick ups.

The rulers and the police of the Kingdom of Political Correctness believed that the red-haired, freckled face gang might bomb again, and began stopping and questioning and searching all red-haired, freckled face men in blue pickups. Now, not all red-haired, freckled face men in blue pickups were a part of this bombing gang.

Some were tax paying, law abiding, legitimate citizens of the Kingdom of PC. But how were the police to know who was who without investigation? Lawsuits were enacted and Politically Correct Television (PCTV) and the Council on Red-Haired Relations (C.R.H.R.) began to yell, scream, kick and cry about how unfair it was to profile and target red-haired, freckled face men in blue pickups.

Soon, the police began to detain and question only blonde-haired, blue eyed females who drove red pickups. Well, everybody felt better then, except blonde-haired, blue eyed females in red pickups, but who cared, as long as the red-haired, freckled face men in blue pickups, and their lawyers, and PCTV were happy. After all, happiness and peace and the preservation of a few people's rights, (over the rights of the majority) is all that's important, right?

Oh, yeah, the conclusion of this tale. More banks were bombed, more lives lost and the rulers and the police of the kingdom and the kingdom itself were identified as the bad guys. Morale was devastated, the economy sunk, and the kingdom collapsed. But hey, at least they got rid of that nasty, offensive profiling thing. No one seemed to notice that the kingdom had lost one of it's most precious commodities: common sense.

Moral of this tale: ALWAYS use common sense in any situation. With the current threat on our national security, SOME profiling is a must. Profiling guided by common sense protects all and discriminates against none. Remember the words of Lester Rolloff: "America has become an insane asylum, run by the inmates."

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