Biblical Patriot's Letter Written To
Republican National Committee
And Mr. Steele - Mailed 10/27/09
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Dr. James Dearmore
Garland, Texas

Attn: Republican National Committee and Mr. Steele


Please remove me from your mailing list. I am completely disgusted with the way the National Leadership of the Republican party is willing to abandon Conservative principles.

Our party will not become strong again, and regain National power, until we begin to judge EVERYTHING, including those our national leaders endorse, by Conservative principles.

We must stand always for

  • Strict Constructionism relative to our U. S. Constitution.
  • Lower Taxes.
  • Smaller Government, and less daily interference by National, State & Local.
  • Strong National and Homeland Defense, and Strict control of our borders.
  • Total rejection of Illegal Immigration, NO AMNESTIES.
  • Careful control and reduction of Legal Immigration.
  • Second Amendment Rights to keep and bear arms, and other personal liberties.
  • America is a Christian Nation, and was founded as such, on Christian principles.

Without Illegal Aliens, and without too much legal immigration, our Unemployment Rate would be very low, instead of ridiculously high as it is now. It is clear also to anyone with a brain that our present REAL unemployment rate is MUCH higher than reported.

The RINO's are helping destroy our Party and Country. Support only REAL Conservatives.

I am still and always will be a Conservative, patriotic, Christian American, but I am tired of such travesties as national leaders endorsing Scozzafava, and others of like ilk. As long as so called "moderates" ( = "Liberals") dominate our Party, we will be in the political wilderness.

I will still support and vote for National, State and Local Conservatives, but I will not vote again for any so-called moderates - They betray our principles at every turn. I will vote for people like Sarah Palin, but NOT for people like Lindsay Graham, Newt Gingrich, and John McCain.

Reagan was right: "Government is not the solution - It is the problem." Washington elitists now have no idea what ordinary Americans are thinking and feeling, and don't want to know!

{Editor's Note added 11/20/09: Most Democrats, and many Republicans in Washington fit in the category of "Washington Elitists" as described in last sentence of paragraph above.]

Sincerely yours,

(signed) James H. Dearmore II (Conservative Patriotic American first, Republican second)