Administration's Agenda
Based Entirely On Deceit

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James Dearmore
Garland, Texas

Agenda Based On Deceit, And Other Skullduggery

Even before the administration took office, it was known to those who used their brains instead of their emotions that the Obama administration was not what we need in the USA.

But skillful propaganda, denial, and/or hiding of concrete facts about the principal characters, from Obama down through all of his close past and present mentors, advisors, and associates helped to conceal his extreme radical background from all but the very discerning public.

In hindsight, it is easy to see that everything about the present Washington administration from the 2008 campaign to their plans, methods, and governing agenda, was and is all based on lies, lies, and more lies!

And perhaps just as bad as the deceit, corruption, and "Chicago way" system of governing, is the fact that NOT ONE PROMINENT LEADER IN THE OBAMA INNER CIRCLE has ever had a "real" job, operated a successful business, or met a regular payroll. Most have had "jobs?" as politicians, community organizers, agitators of various sorts, etc.

The Administration and America herself, to some extent, are now the laughing stock of the world. Terrorists feel more secure, the Muslim propagandists and other America haters world wide are rejoicing at the constant bungling, deceit, and total incompetence they see in Washington!

But just remember, and thank God . . . November is coming! (Ed Note Added 11/25/10 - Patriots won many victories in November (2010) elections, but we must keep the pressure on until we abolish the so-called health reform bill and other socialist/communist style take-overs of our economy, and our personal liberties! End of Note Added 11/25/10) IF WE ARE TO SALVAGE OUR COUNTRY FROM BECOMING A THIRD RATE COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST BANANA REPUBLIC, WE MUST TAKE THE COUNTRY BACK in November (2012) with the election of (more) REAL conservative Republicans, and NO (more) RINOS!!

And in case you're wondering, (as soon as they get to Washington) there are no really conservative Democrats left in the present administration! June 4, 2010 - James Dearmore - Biblical Patriot.